Mürren & Gimmelwald One Last Time

Thursday, our last day in Grindelwald, dawned sunny and clear.  A different grouping of the Fabulous Four headed up valley for a hike from Phingsteg to Bäegg.  I’m promised pictures of their hike for another post. Matt had not seen Mürren and Gimmelwald in the sun, so we decided to take one last jaunt to … Read more

Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg

Wednesday dawned clear and gloriously sunny.  The foursome headed out at 7am for a long walk from Schynigge Platte to First. (Judy shared pictures of their walk, which I’ll put in a separate post.) Dominique had a mid-day appointment, so we hung around the chalet, then bussed up to Männlichen for the panorama walk to Kleine … Read more

Grosse Scheidegg to First

On Tuesday the clouds were nearly gone, so we aimed for a longish walk from Grosse Scheidegg to First. The trek began with a walk (up and down) to town, where we climbed on the bus to Grosse Scheidegg.  The bus followed a long and winding road, with sweeping views of the valley and peaks … Read more

The Schilthorn +

The Eiger and his sibs were still a bit sulky on Monday. But the weather gods promised to smile, so we embarked on another multi-modal, multi-village, multi-elevation day.  First leg: chalet to bus (down the you-know-what) to catch the train to Lauterbrunnen. Next leg: cable car to Gruitschalp and cog train to Mürren. We strolled … Read more

Schlöss Thun

Sunday’s rainy weather was forecast to clear by afternoon, so we took trains to the area castle, Schloss Thun.  First it was down the !@#! Hill to the 121 bus stop. Grindelwald hosted a Morgan rally – the Jungfrau Treffen – September 5-7. We saw several of these classy 3 wheelers tootling around. From the Grindelwald … Read more