Great Head Walk and Bar Harbor Sunsets

We decided to spend our last day taking two gentle walks followed by a lazy evening. Matt wanted to see the Wild Gardens of Acadia, so we first took the #10 bus to Sieur de Monts, then hopped the #3 bus to Sand Beach for a walk on the Great Head.

After wandering through the Wild Gardens, we walked the Jesup Path (the boardwalk through birch forest), then returned on the mixed-forest Hemlock Road. Lots of lovely dappled light, but I missed the sounds of bird and insect life.

Disembarking from the bus at the Sand Beach stop, we went down the stairs and slogged across the sand to reach one of two entries to the Great Head trail system.

The Great Head hike description sounds like a gentle stroll, but the route was surprisingly steep and rocky. Matt had to help hoist me up across several slanty granite slabs that passed for “trail.”

But the views up top were gorgeous – well worth the scramble,

Rainclouds were quickly moving in from the west, so we didn’t linger long on top.

We had dinner that night at Galyn’s, a somewhat upscale restaurant right on the village green. Great food and even better people watching.

Most evenings, we walked along the harbor into town and – most nights – we saw extraordinary sunsets. So I’ll close this blog sequence with a selection of Bar Harbor sea and sky shots.

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