Out & About in Cordova

We took Monday morning off, taking advantage of a rainy day to decompress after a busy weekend. Around midday, we drove into Cordova for lunch and a putter around the town and surrounding environs. Back in 1790, a Spanish explorer named the strait “Córdoba,” and the town was named after the strait’s original name. (The … Read more

Anchorage – Whittier – Cordova

Sunday was transfer day, as we left Anchorage for our next port of call in Cordova. Getting there was a 2-stage journey.  We first climbed aboard the Glacier Discovery train, following the same route across the Kenai Peninsula as the day before, but changing tracks at Portage to reach Whittier on the east coast.  From … Read more

Kenai Peninsula

Saturday was a very long day, beginning with a 5:50 am departure from our B&B.  We were up early to catch the to Coastal Classic train, traveling 6 hours down the Kenai Peninsula to Seward for some maritime exploration of the Resurrection Fjord.  Crystal, wildlife spotter par excellence and a great photographer, contributed several photos … Read more


On Thursday, May 30 we set out an 18 day Alaska  adventure with my sister Crystal, her husband Gary and our long time friend and traveling companion Dominique. We were all scheduled to rendesvous at our B&B in Anchorage on Thursday evening.  Our flight from Denver to Anchorage was blissfully uneventful (as was Dominique’s from … Read more

Wildflowers in Boulder are extraordinary this year

I just had to share some pix 🙂 The Mesa Trail (OK, so some of the flowers are four footed.) The West South Boulder Creek Trail. There are two agave (aka Century Plants) blooming at CUs east campus botany greenhouse. These plants bloom once after about n30 years of growth then – kaput! And just … Read more