Norman Palace and Palatine Chapel, Palermo

On Monday, after a nourishing breakfast of arancini (rice dumplings stuffed with stuff) and sundry pastries, we ambled back up past Teatro Massimo to the Norman Palace to see more mosaics. Every middle schooler in Palermo was at the palace on what was apparently the designated field trip day to see both medieval splendors and … Read more

Palermo and Monreale

Saturday, after one of those extra long travel days, we arrived in Palermo, Sicily for the beginnings of a three week touristic adventure. We are staying in the heart of downtown at Delle Vittorie Luxury Rooms & Suiteswith spacious rooms, expansive breakfasts and lovely young ladies who are gently amused at my attempts to speak Italian. … Read more

A Little Bite at the Big Apple

We escaped the late winter blahs for a New York City weekend. Spring was in the air and the weather was balmy – a very good thing, since we had little desire to go indoors in a city with Covid blooming. But the other springtime blooms were glorious, so feast your color-deprived eyes on some … Read more

Autumnal Aspen

Last week, we ventured out of the Boulder bubble to the more exclusive bubble of Aspen, on Colorado’s Western Slope.  We wandered, gawped at the habitat of the rich and famous and enjoyed six splendid days of crisp air and golden foliage – September at its finest. We stayed in a comfortable bungalow little changed … Read more


 Following their long schlep down from Trockener Steg to Schwarzee on Tuesday (Ken T. is working on that post), the Fearless Foursome decided on an easy Wednesday.  Judy enjoyed a morning in the chalet all to herself, while the rest of us set out on an easy walk to Täsch, the next door village to Zermatt. … Read more