Portland, Oregon

Returning from the windy coast, we spent several days hanging out in Portland during a heat wave. Max, Simon and their moms live in a tidy little house in southeast Portland. The neighborhood features gorgeous flowers that brightened up our morning dog walks. Ah, to gardening in a climate with rain! We made the ritual … Read more

Oregon Coast

I spent a lovely week with best buddies in Portland, Oregon in late June. Meet my hosts, Simon and Max. For our first three days, Simon and Spencey, one of Simon’s moms, ventured out to a little hamlet called Pacific City on the Oregon coast. We stayed in a cute, old fashioned little bungalow perched … Read more

A Little Bite at the Big Apple

We escaped the late winter blahs for a New York City weekend. Spring was in the air and the weather was balmy – a very good thing, since we had little desire to go indoors in a city with Covid blooming. But the other springtime blooms were glorious, so feast your color-deprived eyes on some … Read more