#JLF Banega Swachh – Clean India

This visit, I am struck by Jaipur’s cleanliness: no litter on the streets, fastidiously clean washrooms – there’s even soap! In the Delhi airport, I noticed signs promoting a “Green India” (solar power, environmental protection) with “Banega Swacch” on all the food waste and recycling bins. At JLF, these signs are displayed all around the grounds.


Turns out to be part of a 5-year coordinated campaign by Dettol to change habits around hygiene and sanitation. Teamwork has enthusiastically embraced this campaign (just as they embraced our Zero Waste campaign in Boulder) and Dettol is a JLF sponsor. I appreciated the bottle of hand sanitizer included in my festival bag!

Between JLF sessions, large screen TVs keep folks informed and engaged with a series of rolling music videos. My favorite turns out to be the Banega Swachh theme – most captivating!

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