Gamboling Round the Guitings

Monday’s ramble round the Guitings* (Power, Temple & Woods) brought lots of variety – along with the usual mud and sheep. *What’s in a name? “Guiting comes from the Saxon getinge meaning rushing which presumably refers to the Windrush, then a considerable river.” First through Guiting Woods, now owned by a property magnate who’s restoring … Read more

Rambling in the Mud

Yesterday we hopped the local bus to Chipping Camden, then trekked back to Broadway along the Cotswold Way. Lots of slogging through dreary, mucky fields, with no views since clouds hugged the ridges. I traveled back in time, imagining myself as a villein, taking the long road home after working out my service to the … Read more

A Perfect Day in Broadway

No, not THAT Broadway. I mean the proper Broadway, in Gloucestershire, England. Comes with sheep, of course.

This Broadway also comes with good friends, countryside rambles, welcome-cats, a cozy cottage and proper apples. On Saturday, we did the Broadway-Buckland-Snowshill Ramble.






Eclipsing Wyoming

Yep, we got to experience Totality. Two  minutes and 25 seconds’ worth. We made reservations two years ago at the Baldwin Creek B&B in Lander, Wyoming, which turned out to be a great location. The cabins came complete with Guard Dogs and Friendly Natives. We visited Sinks Canyon (the Lander tourist hot spot) on Saturday. … Read more

New Zealand 2016 -Take a virtual trip

I’ve used StoryMaps, an ARC-GIS based app, to capture our recent trip to New Zealand (which I blogged along the way). I’d love to hear your thoughts – on the story and the app!