#JLF Literature Festival with a social conscience

A core part of the Jaipur Literature Festival’s mission is giving back to the community. Teamwork Arts seeks out local artisans and non-profits, then provides them with free space at the festival to display their wares and promote their causes. A cloth elephant, notecards made from camel dung, and a pashmina scarf (yes, Fran, there’s … Read more

#JLF Banega Swachh – Clean India

This visit, I am struck by Jaipur’s cleanliness: no litter on the streets, fastidiously clean washrooms – there’s even soap! In the Delhi airport, I noticed signs promoting a “Green India” (solar power, environmental protection) with “Banega Swacch” on all the food waste and recycling bins. At JLF, these signs are displayed all around the grounds. Turns … Read more

JLF: Author one-liners

Alexander McCall Smith on writing: “Many people think, “I have a book in me.’ With advanced imagery, they can see the book and tell you what kind it is – fiction, autobiography…” Ferdinand Mount, author of Tears of the Raja: “I hadn’t thought of my family as mass murdererers. In fact, I thought they were rather … Read more

JLF Literati and Glitterati

Opening dinner last night at the exquisite Rambaugh Palace. Music, intelligent conbersation and superb cuisine. My delightful dining companions, Louis Mountain and Andrew Duff. Andy is a Fellow of the (British) Royal Geological Society and last year published Sikkim: Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom, an acclaimed history of the kingdom’s last days, complete with a love … Read more