The Camargue: Cowboys, Flamingos and the Sea

On Wednesday we headed south to French cowboy country. The Camargue is located in a marshy delta between the Grande and Petite Rhone rivers.  It is an enormous area (346,000 acres) of flat land: salt marshes, pastures, rice paddies and sandy beaches.  The Camargue is known for sleek white (native) horses,  feisty little black bulls, and … Read moreThe Camargue: Cowboys, Flamingos and the Sea

Avignon Redux

After all that time in the car on Monday, we decided to spend Tuesday afoot, doing a more leisurely exploration of Avignon. We started at Les Halles, Avignon’s food market. There was a rummage sale underway in the square next door. And then we wandered, through narrow streets. Shopping districts. Past ornamental architecture. Found a … Read moreAvignon Redux