Little Haven

After a lazy Sunday morning at the bungalow (with gulls for company) we trekked over Settlands Hill into Little Haven.   Busy morning on the Broad Haven beach. These Havens are separated on the beach side by two long rock promontories, navigable by foot when the tide is out. The rock spit on Broad Haven’s … Read more

Skomer Island

Skomer Island is renowned for its vast populations of breeding seabirds: huge breeding colonies of gulls (including Great and Lesser Blackbacked gulls); (12,000 breeding pairs of Razorbills; 100,000 pairs of Guillemots; and 300,000+ pairs of Manx Shearwaters (which you never see because they are all offshore in daylight, staying out of range of the Great … Read more

Coastal walk to Newgale

Friday started cool and a bit overcast, then turned bright and sunny around mid-day. It was perfect weather to walk the coast from Broad Haven to Newgale. Note the tankers lurking offshore. They are bound for Milford Haven harbor, and have been sitting there since we arrived 3 days ago. We’re told that ships often … Read more

St. David’s and Haverfordwest

Thursday’s forecast was overcast with a chance of rain, so we decided to visit the library In Haverfordwest, then spend the rest of the day in St. David’s. A view of the bay from the Broad Haven bus stop, with the tide coming in. The fashion for ladies of a certain age. Haverfordwest has a … Read more

Broad Haven

It’s a drippy day in Wales – and a good day for a long bus ride! We traveled from Llandeilo to Broad Haven (via Carmarthen and Haverfordwest). But first we stopped at the bakery (priorities, priorities). We were shepherded to our very cozy Broad Haven bungalow by a lovely lady named Joanna, who lives just … Read more