Coastal walk to Newgale

Friday started cool and a bit overcast, then turned bright and sunny around mid-day. It was perfect weather to walk the coast from Broad Haven to Newgale.

Note the tankers lurking offshore. They are bound for Milford Haven harbor, and have been sitting there since we arrived 3 days ago. We’re told that ships often sit just outside the harbor for days while their owners play the oil market: when the price is right, they steam into Milford Haven to unload; if the price goes up somewhere else, they steam away there. Lurking here lets them avoid Milford Haven’s harbor fees. Who knew?

Bench dedication
Stonechats serenaded us all only the way

Druidston Haven. The route took us near enough to Malador (known locally as The Telletubbies House) to get a closish look. Fascinating architecture. Looks to me like a modern Hobbit house.

The tide is just turning. There’s a fine long beach here when the tide is out.
It’s a very sloppy bit of coastline.
That yellow gorse hugging the path is beautiful, but it bites.

The path was easy with some gentle rises coming out of Broad Haven. The route got upsy-downsy past Druidston, with some very steep bits.

Nolton Haven, which hosts a largish holiday park.

These dogs were charging into the surf like they were trying to ride the waves.

The local trail cat calls the Nolton Haven pub home, but spends its days accompanying ramblers. The humans were nonplussed, bu the cat wasn’t bothered.

The jackdaws and rooks provided a few DuMaurier/Hitchcock moments.

Newgale’s “hale-and-ride” bus stop is conveniently located at the local pub.

We enjoyed a fine dinner at Broad Haven’s Sunshine Italian, with its very fine view of the setting sun.

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  1. I love the idea of having a fixed location from which to take photos. And the hobbit house is cool, too.


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