London: British Library, Camden, Regents Park

Friday morning we left tranquil Wales for frenetic London.

Cardiff train station reflected
Paddington station

Matt arrived in London earlier than us and met us at Paddington for the cross-town trip to our flat in Lambeth, near Vauxhall station.

Our building is the one with scaffolding – renovation work underway on the flat above.
A fox strolled across that garden wall our first morning here.

After dumping bags, we jumped on the number 88 bus for the busy tourist’s 2 hour double decker bus tour of London – one last hurrah before Crystal journeyed home.

Grey heron in St. James’ Park

After seeing Crystal on the train to Heathrow bright and early Saturday morning :>( , Matt and I spent the day wandering London.

We began at the Regency Cafe, London’s best – and extremely popular – greasy spoon. Just looking at those breakfasts can clog the arteries.

The breakfast queue

Following breakfast, we waddled our way to Victoria Station for a tube ride to the British Library.

The cabbies’ hangout was just down the block
London’s planners are have a different sense about maintaining “the historic” in changing times
Words of wisdom from the London Underground

The exterior of the British Library (despised by many) is impossible to photograph, crammed in as it is among its historic and modern neighbors.

We made our way from the studious solemnity of the library to the sheer madness of Camden Market. PLAN Boulder would not approve.

Walking along the canal to Regent’s Park restored our equilibrium.

Regent’s Park

Late lunch on the patio at the Regent’s Bar and Kitchen, with some persistent company.

Queen Mary’s Garden

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