Following their long schlep down from Trockener Steg to Schwarzee on Tuesday (Ken T. is working on that post), the Fearless Foursome decided on an easy Wednesday.  Judy enjoyed a morning in the chalet all to herself, while the rest of us set out on an easy walk to Täsch, the next door village to Zermatt. … Read more

Glacier Paradise

On Monday we visited paradise – the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, to be precise. The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is not, as you might have thought, on the Matterhorn. The primary route to paradise from the Matterhorn is by missing your hand-or-foot hold and falling – as the Mountaineers Cemetery so poignantly illustrates. The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise … Read more

Gornerschlucht, Blatten & Furi

Sunday was the last day of the full summer season at Glacier Paradise. Given our experience with the hordes at Gornergrat on Saturday, we decided to play it safe and stick to the lower slopes. So we hiked up from Zermatt through the Gornerschlucht to Blatten and on to Furi, followed by a downhill hike … Read more


The Matterhorn caught the sun before we did on our first morning in Zermatt. We have stunning views of the peak from our chalet. The town of Zermatt nestles at the end of a very deep, steep-sided valley, with houses clinging up and down the slopes and our chalet is near the top. The day was … Read more


On Friday we bid a sad farewell to Grindelwald, loading bags and 3 people into a taxi while forcing the other 3 people traverse those lovely hills to the train station.  Our first train transfer was at Interlaken Ost, so we took advantage of the switch and breakfasted at the Interlaken CoOp cafe. Wonderful food … Read more