Domain de Chantilly

On Sunday, we took the RER train to Gare du Nord, then transferred to the Grande Ligne en route to the Domain de Chantilly, one of the grand estates outside Paris. 

The Conde family, who owned the estate for most of the last 400 years, was a branch of the royal Bourbon clan and closely related to the French crown. The enormous estate reflects their former glory (and provides a lovely window into the impetus behind French Revolution).

Dogs were a Theme.

Horses were a Theme.

Killing things using dogs and horses was a Major Theme, in multiple artistic media.

But I shall spare you the gory details.

The grounds include a very large stable complex, now used for dressage performances, with a marvelous museum of the horse.

The interiors are…well, let me just say I’m glad I don’t have to be the one to dust. The last Conde Prince, aka the Duke of Aumale, amassed an art collection as large – or larger – than the Louvre’s.

I did enjoy the Oriental Monkeys.

And I now think every home should include its own modest place of worship.

‘Twas a relief to tour the grounds – which were extensive and exquisite.

Domain of the Bees

The backside of the estate had some surprising residents.

But the greatest glory was Les Journées des Plantes de Chantilly  – the annual Chantilly Flower show. Ooh, la la!

And then there was the garden art. Oh, for a larger overhead compartment!

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