Grindelwald First

Thursday came in on little cat feet, and didn’t move on. The Eiger (Ogre) hid himself away – and took his brethren with him.

The Wetterhorn and the Eiger

We tromped down the long steep hill to the Rothenegg bus station and caught the 121 bus to the Grindelwald First (“fierst”, auf Deutsch) cable car station.

Grindelwald First features two restaurants, paragliding, a zip line, various forms of wheeled thrill-riding transport methods (mountain carts, two wheeled scooters, trikes), and – of course – cows.

Our Troop of Eight trooped up the hill to the First Cliffwalk.

After the obligatory group extended consultation, all of us braved the dangerous passage.

My strained left knee having had all the fun it wanted for one day, the Troop of Seven trooped on to Bachalpsee (glacial lake), returning through a downpour. (I hobbled up to the restaurant to spend a pleasant two hours in the warm and dry.) Dominique and Judy kindly shared their pictures of the splendid views along the trail.

Sadly, I did not get to scratch the cow.

Our cable car descent included a 30 minute (“get it fixed”) delay, giving us ample time to enjoy the views (or not).  We had a lovely lunch at the warm, dry Alte Post restaurant, and shopped our way back to the CoOp.  We visited the very friendly and professional CoOp apothecary And I came away with the latest fashion for an uncooperative knee (and it works!).

Delightful dinner in – chicken vegetable stew – the perfect end to a little cat feet day.

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  1. Say more about your knee problem and what you used to help it. I have problems with mine and am concerned how I will do on our trip. Any suggestions would be welcome. Loving the photos and as always your comments


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