Schynige Platte to First

As Dominique and Joni were making their way across the panorama trail from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg, the Fearless Foursome were traversing the other side of the valley from Schynige Platte to First.

Their journey began at 7 am with a taxi to the Grindelwald station, then the train to Wilderswil, followed by the cog train up to Schynige Platte. 

Judy’s and the Kens’ favorite pictures from the hike are below.

Regio Taxi was our friendly and reliable chauffeur throughout our Grindelwald stay.
Fellow traveler at Wilderswil station
Our chariot awaits, the Schynige Platte Cog Rail, which opened in 1893
Riding in a vintage train car
Schynige Platte station
At our 9:30 start, with a reminder that we must make it to First (pronounced like Fierce with a t at end) by 17:30 to catch the last gondola back to civilization. Schynige Platte, elevation 1967m, 6,454’
Early view of the iconic mountains to the south.
Peak names provided by AR Peakfinder app.
Matt, our pacesetter, with Lake Brienz on the right

It was spring at these elevations with many alpine wildflowers in bloom. Dominique is working on plant identification. 

Ken R, passing recent snow
Past Egg and looking down to Sägistal, a moorlike valley, with Sägistalsee in the foreground and the distance
Alpine hut of Berghaus Männdlenen where we paused for refreshment of hot cocoa, chocolate cake and iced tea. Guess who had what?
The Swiss have flush toiletten where in the US it would be rare to have even pit toilets. This sign explains how.
[Climate change affects us also. From year to year, water becomes scarcer. We thank you for your understanding]
Apparently marmot oil has been “valued in home cures for centuries in the Alps. It has long been used for tension, lumbago, aching muscles and joint pain e.g. after overexertion when playing sport. It supports joints and the entire musculoskeletal system in particular.”
I couldn’t bring myself to buy or use it.

More beautiful flowers

Alpine Forget-me-not
Two yellow flowers…
Ever upward
We’re going up there?! The Faulhorn. Note the restaurant clinging to the mountain top.
The end is in sight, huff, huff

Happy hikers on top of Faulhorn; elevation 2681m, 8796’

We’re standing atop a small viewing platform that doubles as helicopter pad. We had a closeup look of one landing – exciting!

Judy, Ken R, Matt, Ken T
We had 360 degree views.
Our reward, a lunch of rösti mit bratwurst at the restaurant in the 19th century Berghotel Faulhorn, the oldest and highest mountain hotel in the Alps
The downhill hike to Bachalpsee with clearer views than the rainy walk earlier on our trip to the lake from the other direction. This time we actually saw the mountains.
Approaching the Cliff Walk at First

We arrived in First at 16:30 with an hour to spare! Total distance: 15km or 9.3 miles. Ken T’s tracker said 17.5km or 11 miles.

We were blessed with good weather, spectacular and diverse scenery, a profusion of wildflowers, cooperative knees and like-minded companions. A fantastic day in the Alps!




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  1. Beautiful pics and commentary on them that was so helpful! Nice job on helping your friends experience that hike along with you!


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