Skomer and Skokholm from the sea

Tuesday, our last day on the Pembrokeshire coast, we booked a boat ride out to Grassholm, located east of Skomer. It’s the breeding spot for a vast colony of Gannets – some 39,000 breeding pairs. Alas, come Tuesday morn the wind was up and swells too high to venture out. So all we’ve got is this satellite view of the island, which is almost totally white from Gannet guano.

Fingers crossed, we rebooked on a 4pm cruise round Skomer and its near neighbor, Skokholm, the spent the day enjoying the delights of Broad Haven.

“Woe betide a bather who steps upon a buried fish. The pain is usually described as excruciating as the spines embed into the human flesh and discharge their venom.”
Beware of the Weever Fish

The Boardwalk Nature trail is a community project turning an old coal mining slash pond into a natural area and local amenity.

A late breakfast at Sunshine Italian.

The wind calmed as the day moved and our boat trip was a go.

We departed from Martin’s Haven, motoring with Pembrokeshire Island boats out of Dale. It was a fast boat on a choppy sea, and I got to practice a new form of photography: point and hope.

We saw a handful of gannets soaring high in the sky.

Captain Jim

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