Kew Gardens & Canary Wharf

Tuesday was bright AND sunny – ironic, since we were getting 5 inches of snow back home. We spent the day traversing greater London, traveling west to Kew Gardens, then traveling east across town to Canary Wharf aka the Docklands.

Tropical House
Chihuli was everywhere
Bags protect hand-pollinated seeds, destined for Kew’s seed archive, from natural pollinators.
Newly renovated Temperate House
Treetop walkway
Grey Heron showing off his breeding plumage
Rhododendrons are toxic to pollinators? Who knew?

Lights and sound in the Hive’s infrastructure are triggered when bees communicate with one another.

Prince of Wales Conservatory

From Kew, we took the Tube and London Docklands Rail to Canary Wharf.

We are in the East End. For fans of Eastenders and Call The Midwife, these were the poorly paid Docklands, where people lived crowded together in appalling conditions. Today, it is the heart of London’s financial district and a center of anti-Brexit sentiment. These folks have done just fine out of the UK’s relationship with the EU.

Late in the afternoon we popped into the Museum of London Docklands We only had an hour – I could have spent much of a day here. Very well presented, the museum provides a visual and experiential history of the Docklands fromTudor times through today. It’s a sister to the London Museum which is also extremely well done.

Abolitionist sugar bowls

We took a river ferry back to Vauxhall Station (St. George’s pier).

Note the beer drinking horde along the embankment

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  1. It’s ama,ing how you get the birds a d a imals to keep still for the photo! I hope the sun continues to shine.


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