Schlöss Thun

Sunday’s rainy weather was forecast to clear by afternoon, so we took trains to the area castle, Schloss Thun.  First it was down the !@#! Hill to the 121 bus stop. Grindelwald hosted a Morgan rally – the Jungfrau Treffen – September 5-7. We saw several of these classy 3 wheelers tootling around. From the Grindelwald … Read more


The weather gods having decreed a rainy weekend, Dominique and I decided on a day of domesticity. We did laundry, shopped and cooked a warm, nourishing dinner while the rest of the crew trooped to Interlaken in the rain and cold.  I’ve been promised pix and tales of the Interlaken adventure, especially their visit to … Read more

Grindelwald First

Thursday came in on little cat feet, and didn’t move on. The Eiger (Ogre) hid himself away – and took his brethren with him. We tromped down the long steep hill to the Rothenegg bus station and caught the 121 bus to the Grindelwald First (“fierst”, auf Deutsch) cable car station. Grindelwald First features two … Read more

Brexit Explained

I have been puzzled by Brexit.  Some of our British friends are pro-Brexit, others are anti-Brexit.  All of them are sensible people –  so what gives?  We were very glad to find a book at the British Library bookstore that made everything clear. If any  friends would like to borrow this book, we are happy … Read more