On Tuesday we doddered around Whitby with the pensioners. (I remember the days when we used to stand out as young fry when traveling Britain in September- now we fit right in.). After sorting out options for our Saturday multi-leg train journey north (two legs being caught up in an “industrial action” aka “strike”) and … Read more

York to Whitby

Monday was our last morning in York. We started the day with a bit of Edwardian elegance: breakfast at Betty’s Cafe.  Started in 1919, Betty’s interior is meant to evoke sailing (first class) on the Queen Mary.  Third class sailing would have been a somewhat different experience, methinks.  Then we wandered through the Shambles. One … Read more

Castle Howard

Sunday was blustery with sunny patches.  We took the train from York to Malton, then taxied to Castle Howard. (Our original plan – the 181 bus direct from York to the estate – went bust when we realized the bus didn’t run on Sundays.) Seat of the Dukes of Norfolk, this is a grand house … Read more


We are in York at the start of our Northeast England adventures.  Transport from Denver was uneventful for us, not so much for the lady-of-a-certain age who spent much of the trip stretched out in the mid-ships galley with an IV in her arm.  I envied her the stretched-out bit. She was lively, back in … Read more