JLF Literati and Glitterati

Opening dinner last night at the exquisite Rambaugh Palace. Music, intelligent conbersation and superb cuisine. My delightful dining companions, Louis Mountain and Andrew Duff. Andy is a Fellow of the (British) Royal Geological Society and last year published Sikkim: Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom, an acclaimed history of the kingdom’s last days, complete with a love … Read more JLF Literati and Glitterati

Colm Tóibín & Armistad Maupin @JLF

A friend recommended that I check out two of her favorite authors at JLF. Here’s what she has to say: Colm Toibin Toibin beautifully captures the inner emotions and psychology of his characters.  Brooklyn deals with the true meaning of “home” while Nora Webster focuses on how we may deal with life transitions.  Toibin’s skill … Read more Colm Tóibín & Armistad Maupin @JLF

JLF@Boulder: Mother Festival, here we come!

Last September, the Jaipur Literature Festival came to the US for the very first time – hosted at the Boulder Public Library!  The festival was two glorious days of interaction with some of the greatest authors in the world. And the Festival is coming back: Mark your calendars for JLF@Boulder September 23-25, 2016. If you missed … Read more JLF@Boulder: Mother Festival, here we come!